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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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when I begin to tire you, or if I am too circumstantial; but I don't believe you will think so, for I remember how we used to want such a correspondence when I was with you.
I have spoke about the young man, who is well content to live with you as a servant out of livery. I am to settle the affair finally with his father on Monday, and then he shall set out as soon as possible. I will send the things for Prince Craon, &c., by him, I will write to Madame Grifoni the moment I hear she is returned from the country.
The Princess of Hesse21 is brought to bed of a son. We are going into mourning for the Queen of Sweden22; she had always been apprehensive of the small-pox, which has been very fatal in her family.
You have heard, I suppose, of the new revolutions23 in Muscovy. The letters from Holland to-day say, that they have put to death the young Czar and his mother, and his father too: which, if true21, is going very far, for he was of a sovereign house in another country, no subject of Russia, and after the death of his wife and son, could have no pretence or interest to raise more commotions there.
We have got a new opera, not so good as the former; and we have got the famous Bettina to dance, but she is a most indifferent performer. The house is excessively full every Saturday, never on Tuesday: here, you know, we make everything a fashion.
I am happy that my fears for Tuscany vanish every letter. There! there is a letter of twelve sides! I am forced to
21  Mary, fourth, daughter of King George II.    Walpale.—-She married (1740)    Irederiok,    Landgrave    of Hesse-Cassel; d. 1771.
22  Ulrica, Queen of Sweden, sister of Charles XII.    WoiLpole.
28 This relates to the revolution, by which the young Czar John was deposed, and the Princess Elizabeth
raised to the throne.    Walpole.
24 This was not true. The Princess Anne of Mecldenburgh died in prison at liiga a few years afterwards. Her son, the young Czar, andher husband, Prince Antony of Brunswick- Wolfen-buttle, were confined for many years, Walpole.